These Are The Issues I am Running On

The Economy

Currently, the economy is good and everyone is feeling optimistic about things, but we can do better. It is time to focus on ways for Government and Private Business to work together in new and innovative ways. We need to find ways to create a business-friendly environment which is inviting to both current and new businesses.  I will do my part to promote sound policies which will encourage growth in Eastern Idaho.


Our children deserve a good education and we need to take care of our teachers. My stance on education has been consistent throughout the years.  As someone who works in the education industry, I understand the difficulties today’s teachers face. If elected, I will work to support our teachers and improve the quality of education our students receive.

Restore Responsible Leadership

Our community needs to be accurately represented. The main responsibility of any elected official is to put the needs of the people first.  As a local party leader, I understand the needs of our region and the relationships necessary to get things done.

I will be a champion for common sense principles and policies.  I will work with community and business leaders, individuals and other legislators to focus on making Eastern Idaho’s Economy and Education better so both young and old, and families can stay in Idaho and have a livable income.  This will take a team effort and I am excited to go to work for the people of Eastern Idaho.

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