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Recently a website popped up that has my opponent’s voting record. It is an interesting read and worthwhile for anyone wanting to research the candidate’s positions on a lot of this past sessions legislative issues.

Below is the text (reprinted with permission) from

Ron Nate is Working Hard, Just Not for You
The people of Madison and Bonneville Counties deserve to have a State Representative who represents them and not far right-wing special interest groups. Ron Nate has a record of voting against common sense issues like making schools safe for our children and funding our schools. It is time we really examine his record.

Idaho House Bill 413
Rep. Nate introduced the Education Freedom Act, which, if enacted, would recklessly reject $300 million per year in federal funding for Idaho’s education system. This bill is not good for Idaho because it would disproportionately affect the most vulnerable student populations by cutting things like disability services and discounted school lunches.

Idaho House Bill 514
Rep. Nate voted against the creation of the Idaho School Safety and Security Advisory Board to work with schools across the State to find ways for Idaho to keep students safe from individuals who threaten violence. This bill was good for Idaho because it helps schools take preventative measures from unstable individuals harming our kids.

Idaho House Bill 665
Rep. Nate voted against the School Safety Bill, which granted law enforcement officers the authority to respond to online threats made against schools. This is a good bill for Idaho—-since it was passed, several online threats to schools in Idaho have been investigated and lives have potentially been saved because of it.

Idaho House Bill 454
Rep. Nate voted against the creation of the Damage Prevention Board. The Board was created to ensure underground storage facilities do not contaminate clean drinking water. This bill is good for Idaho because we have some of the best water management systems in the world and it is imperative we preserve it. In fact, people travel from all over the world to see what Idaho is doing with water.

Idaho Freedom Foundation Record
Ron Nate serves on the Board of Scholars for the Idaho Freedom Foundation. In 2017, Rep. Nate voted according to the recommendation of the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) 100% of the time and received the highest score of any Legislator in Idaho as it relates their “Freedom Index.” So far, in 2018, Rep. Nate has voted 98.4% in accordance with the IFF’s recommendations. This is not good for Idaho because a Representative’s vote should represent the people, not Boise-based, special interest groups.

Sowing Distrust with Secret Recordings

Rep. Nate secretly wiretapped Senator Brent Hill. As the House and Senate leadership have stated, Legislators who act unethically toward other Legislators in this way quickly lose trust with the Legislature as a whole. This is bad for Idaho—especially for District 34A—because it means Rep. Nate will be largely ineffective at passing meaningful legislation which improves the lives of Idahoans.

Committee Assignments

Rep. Nate, along with other members of the Idaho Legislature who score highly on the Idaho Freedom Index, asked to be removed from their committee assignments. This grandstand was in defense of Rep. Heather Scott’s remarks which wrongfully accused the female members of the Legislator of performing sexual favors for committee assignments. This type of disrespect for the legislative process is not good for Idaho, especially when people are struggling to afford health insurance or find decent-paying jobs.

Ron Nate Thinks Some Teachers Get Paid Too Much

During a legislative session, on a “hot mike” incident, Rep. Nate stated on the record he thinks teachers in Idaho are paid too much. Later when asked about this statement he claimed to have forgotten his remarks. This is not good for Idaho because we must take care of our teachers to make sure Idaho’s schools continue to improve.

Wasted Huckleberry Pie

Rep. Nate introduced a bill written by a 4th Grade Iona Elementary School to make Huckleberry Pie the Idaho State Dessert. While it is great students received a “hands-on” learning experience about policy-making, this bill was referred to as “frivolous” by many Legislators. Furthermore, Rep. Nate reportedly did not care about whether or not the bill was actually heard, even though he introduced it. This is not good for Idaho because unnecessary regulations and wasting the Legislature’s time cost taxpayers money and do not represent conservative values.

Why We Need To Elect a New State Legislator in District 34A
If Ron Nate really worked for the people, would the majority of Republicans in the Idaho House of Representatives need to see him as hostile to getting things done in Boise?

Sure, Nate works hard, possibly harder than most. But, who does Nate work for? He voted with the Idaho Freedom Foundation 100% of the time last year and 98.2% of the time this year so far. With their scoring and measures aimed at supporting libertarian values, one could go so far to ask, is Nate even a real Republican?

The good people of Madison and Bonneville Counties are tired of dysfunctional representation. It’s time to elect someone who will represent the values of all voters.

It’s time to elect a real Republican. Elect Doug Ricks to the Idaho Legislature in the May 15th Republican Primary.